Lynette Keyowski

As a value-driven thought leader, Lynette’s focus is to meaningfully evolve the real estate ecosystem through the interface of technology and relationships. With a bent for data-driven technology solutions, Lynette’s professional efforts focus streamlining the real estate transaction from search to keys, with an eye to enhancing value to both the consumer and the real estate practitioner.

As an Industry executive and leader, Lynette fuses data-driven decision making and a penchant for critical thinking with bold strategy and a lens on execution. Her knack for posing thought-provoking, unbiased perspectives has presented her the privilege to moderate and engage in numerous discussions on the current and future state of real estate.

Lynette has contributed extensively to real estate across Canada and in the US, with engagements to speak at Inman CEO Connect; judging US-based real estate hackathons; operationally leading multi-organization consolidation; hosting intuitive, engaging, thought-provoking REALTOR® events and volunteering countless hours to the real estate community.
With a healthy appetite for knowledge and a commitment to continuous personal improvement, Lynette blends an active outdoor lifestyle with the responsibilities of parenting two daughters: one recent University graduate, and one aged nine.