Jeff “The Landscaper” Wells

Artist, creator, thinker of ideas, and landscaper, Jeff Wells is a farmer wannabe, adventurer, and father to four fruit-loving kids. His business talents started at a young age cutting lawns in his neighborhood (sporting a cut off shirt and a smile) and bloomed a bit more while studying ornamental horticulture and landscape design at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.

After college, Jeff made a few twists working in New York, Los Angeles, and Barcelona, as an actor and model. These fine places introduced him to new people, big ideas, and global concepts that helped to shape the person he is today. Working for amazing brands like Target, Gant, Mercedes, Tommy Hilfiger, Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Revlon, and many more. Jeff has never been limited to the landscaping business, but his love for the outdoors shines through everything he pursues. Recently, he had the privilege of working on HGTV’s Masters of Flip and couldn’t be more excited with the landscape designs and friendships he created.

A Nashville resident since 2006, Jeff is an enthusiastic member of the community and enjoys golf, swimming, and talking to plants so they can grow to their greatest potential. He is passionate about happiness, new ideas, Nike, and all things badass.