Daniela Peeva

Daniela Peeva is a Commercial Mortgage Agent at Mortgage Alliance Commercial, Toronto Office. She is also a law graduate with years of Banking, Corporate, and Real Estate law experience. Today, Daniela works on transactions that require financing of a minimum of $2,000,000 which includes new acquisitions, refinances, and equity take out loans. She is most proficient with real estate asset groups that include Land Development opportunities, Commercial Retail Plazas, Office and Medical Buildings, Industrial Warehouses, Retirement homes, and Multi Unit Apartment buildings that includes or not CMHC insured product. She works with very experienced investors as well as new investors on the market. Her dedication and hard work have rewarded her with great achievements in helping her clients to turn Lender’s NO to a YES. In her most recent deal, the client, an experienced real estate developer, approached Daniela to help secure a loan for new construction of a Convention Centre. This happened after he had been rejected by BDC, Meridian, Duca, and ran the unsuccessful path of dealing with another commercial broker. Daniela was able to use her experience and analytical abilities to secure the loan with the same lender that originally said NO – BDC. Her legal experience in dealing with and analyzing terms sheets, financial documentation, complicated banking contracts and other pertinent loan documentation and information, helps her tremendously in successfully resolving the challenges thrown down by the lenders. For example, in her recent closing of a commercial retail plaza financing, her skills helped save the deal on three occasions. First, the lender wanted to back off due to an Early Termination clause contained in the lease of one of the anchor tenants, then the deal was placed on hold to resolve the clause of Right of First Refusal in another tenant’s lease. Before closing, during the litigation search, highly concerning information was discovered following which the lender completely backed off. Daniela and her CEO successfully replaced the lender and placed the file back on track. No doubt Daniela is a highly professional commercial agent, but she is also a mother of two young boys, Victor (3 years old) and Christian (1 year old). She manages her time accordingly to her family needs, and works while they are in school from 9 to 4 pm, and right after she puts the boys to bed from 8pm until later at night. She also loves skiing, skating, yoga and martial arts. Quite often, she sneaks out of the office during her lunch hour to attend boxing or krav-maga class at her gym.