Christopher Alexander

As EVP and Regional Director of RE/MAX Integra Ontario-Atlantic Canada, Christopher Alexander is responsible for all areas of day-to-day operations including franchise management, membership services, training and development, marketin, advertising, promotions, and finance. He leads the progression of the Ontario-Atlantic region through strategic growth, the implementation of policies, best practices and programs that establish competitive advantages in the marketplace, brand awareness, and network support and services among others. Christopher is also responsible for connecting RE/MAX with key audiences and stakeholders, positioning the organization as the premier source for real estate news, trends, and information.

Coming from a long line of family members in real estate, Christopher is no stranger to the industry. Beginning his career as a Sales Representative at RE/MAX Professionals Inc. in 2010, he then joined the Regional Office as a Franchise Sales Consultant in 2014 where he was in charge of managing franchise sales and strategic growth throughout the Ontario-Atlantic Region.

Outside of the office, Christopher enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife Nicole and their son Harrison. Whether it’s touring the small towns of Europe by bike or hitting the slopes with friends, he seeks out adventure and fun in everything he does. This spirit, coupled with his past experience and knowledge of the industry helps him provide valuable insight and leadership throughout the many aspects of his role as Regional Director.