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Christan Bosley

Originally starting out studying psychology and criminology in university with the intention of becoming a lawyer, Christan Bosley entered the family business after her father mentioned he was considering selling the brokerage—a proposition Christan believes may have just been a test (it worked). Christan became a real estate agent in 2007, and hasn’t looked back since.

Beginning her real estate career at 22, Christan started out on the phones, cold-calling potential clients with the rest of the new agents in her class. Working her way from the ground up, Christan understands everything it takes to become a top-performing agent while ensuring each client is well taken care of. She’s also bought and sold several personal properties, so she has the direct insight from both sides of the transaction that’s needed to truly excel in this industry.

After cutting her teeth representing residential property sales and purchases throughout the City of Toronto, Christan eventually became a branch manager in 2018. In her first leadership role at the brokerage, Christan was determined to guide the agents she managed to produce top results while also encouraging professional development.

In 2020, Christan took over as President & Broker of Record at Bosley, becoming one of the youngest in her position within the industry. With a passion for creativity and ingenuity, and a commitment to innovation, she’s determined to steer the business in a new direction to ensure the brokerage remains influential in the market, and a top-producing firm—while continuing to develop highly-capable industry professionals.

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